RaiSán Argentina S.A - Agrosustentable Costa Rica S.A.

A Sustainable Solution for the Agriculture of the Future. In a world where environmental protection is paramount, finding products that combine effectiveness and friendliness with nature is a constant challenge. In this context, the use of chitosan stands out as a satisfactory solution in agriculture.
Chitosan, a natural biopolymer of crustacean origin, has demonstrated excellent results in various agricultural fields. Its applications range from protection against viruses, fungi and bacteria, to stimulating growth and inducing resistance in plants. In addition, it provides post-harvest protection to fruits and vegetables, promotes the germination of seedlings and facilitates the clarification of fruit juices.
With Raisan, we are committed to offering you an innovative and environmentally friendly solution. Our product stands out as a matrix for the controlled release of agrochemicals, acting as an effective biocidal agent against pests and nematodes.
Combining science and nature, Raisan is positioned as an indispensable tool in modern agriculture. By trusting our solution, you will be contributing to a more sustainable future and the preservation of our planet. Discover the benefits of Raisan and take your agricultural production to the next level
Among its known and proven applications are:
  • Antiviral activity
  • Antifungal activity
  • Bactericidal activity
  • Growth stimulation.
  • Resistance induction
  • Post-harvest protection of fruits and vegetables
  • Seedling screening
  • Clarification of fruit juices
  • Matrix for the release of agrochemicals
  • Biocidal action against pests and nematodes